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Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

The submission of the manuscript to the journal "APC of Russia" and filling in the application form by the author are the conclusive actions aimed at transferring exclusive rights to the journal: reproduction and distribution rights, as well as placing an article in the electronic version of the journal in the Public Domain, in the Internet and in science-based electronic databases.

The personal data (last name, first name, patronymic name, education, work place and position) are provided by the author to the editorial board without any time limit for their storage and processing in various databases and information systems including analytical and statistical reports, creation of reasonable interrelations of science works objects, literature and art with personal data, etc. The editorial board has the right to transfer the specified data for processing and storage to third parties.

The author's filling in the application form posted on the journal's website is an obligatory condition for publishing submitted materials:

When reprinting the materials published in the journal "APK of Russia", a reference to the journal is required.

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