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Policy, mission, and aims of the journal

Policy, mission, and aims of the journal

Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia– is a dynamically developing scientific publication for professionals of the Agro-Industrial Complex, a forward-looking information center of achievements in the field of agricultural science and technology.

Mission of the journal

The information support for science and research in Russia and abroad through dissemination of the best domestic and foreign theory and practice in the sphere of Agro-industrial Complex, and also development of an information platform to present major scientific results of dissertations according to their practical and industrial orientation.

Policy of the journal

The journal highlights the problems of the Agro-Industrial Complex development, agro-food potential of the regions; theory, methodology and practice to develop the basic sectors of the Agro-Industrial Complex, including tractor and agricultural mechanical engineering, veterinary medicine and zootechnics, agriculture, agronomy, food and processing industry, service industries and trade organizations; social and economic development of rural areas and local authorities in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Aims of the journal

  • Placing of the researches in different regions of agricultural science and practice with our journal and their promotion in information networks and on the Internet;
  • Involvement of domestic and foreign researches in active discussion on the Agro-Industrial Complex development issues;
  • Providing of up-to-date information and assessment of major trends, novelties, development technologies for agriculture, veterinary and agroengineering science to the reader;
  • Information assistance to the researches in the process of initiative development, mastering of new agricultural and agroengineering science and practice methods.

The journal is published since 1993.

Certificate of Mass Media Registration printed matter № 77–65320 from 12 April 2016 (Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, Moscow).

Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia included in the union and electronic catalogue «Russian Press» (subscription index – 94018), in the system of Russian Science Citation Index, full-text version of the journal is available on the websites www.elibrary and the journal’s website rusapk.sursau.ru .

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