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Guidelines for granting manuscripts to the Journal of Research and Practice «Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia»


Article presented in soft and hard copy (preferably), should correspond to the profile and scientific level of the journal. Materials, provided by postgraduate student and magistrands, must be certified by research supervisor.

The text volume should not exceed 20 pages for Doctor of Science, and for the other authors the text volume is from 8 to 15 pages. All data should has footnote and source references. In accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation, responsibility for the use of data, which is not for general publication, lies with all the authors of the articles.

The article should contain metatext: abstract, index terms, author credentials (family, name, patronymic of the authors; place of work, present post; academic degree, title; address for service, e-mail and telephone), and list of references.

Metatext (name of the article, abstract, index terms, surname, name and patronymic, author credentials, list of references) should be presented in Russian and English.

Preferable abstract volume– 200–250 words, no more than 2000 symbols. Do not start the abstract with repetition of the article title! In abstract you must highlight the aim of the research, methods, results (preferably with adding the information about quantitative data), and clearly define the conclusion. In the abstract text cannot be rubricated, the use of parenthesis and the elements of complex formatting (indices, symbols etc.) is not allowed.

Article should reflect the following segments:

1. Timeliness of the topic.

2. The goal of the research.

3. Materials and methods.

4. Results of the research.

5. Conclusions.

6. Recommendations.

7. List of references (GOST R 7.0.5–2008)

The article should contain elements of scientific novelty and practical value. Novelty may be general scientific or industrial. Article must not contain factual errors, findings and conclusions must not contradict known laws of science and nature.

Materials are signed by the author (authors). The author (authors) fills up a form when submitting the manuscript in editorial office.

Failure to comply entirely with the requirements may be a reason to refuse the materials.

The articles, which are correspond to all necessary requirements, will be registered.

Decision on the release of the article is decided on the basis of peer review and editorial board discussion results.

Information on the article status authors can clarify by the editorial office phone:+7 (351) 266-65-39, and also by e-mail: medvedevasa@list.ru

By providing the materials for publication, author agrees on using the full-text soft copy of the article on a pro bono basis, in the journal «Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia», on our website, in research library of the University and on the website of e-library in the public domain.

All the articles are peer reviewed, rejected articles will not be are not returned to the authors, authors can get the information on the reasons for the rejection on the basis of reviewer opinion. 

Honorarium for the publication is not envisaged. 

Author must subscribe to the journal or acquire in the editorial office an issue of the journal, which has the materials for the publication by the author.

Guidelines for Article Submission

You must specify thematic heading (UDC code) in the top left.

Name of the article should reflect its content and should consist of no more than 12 words. Abbreviations in the name of the article are not allowed.

Name of the author, place of work, present post; academic degree, title, telephone number and e-mail (of every author).

Abstract on the Russian language.

Index terms on the Russian language.

All the margins – 2 см. Font style – TimesNewRoman. Font size – 14 typographical points, line spacing – 1,5.

Latin letters – italics, letters of Greek and Russian alphabet, indices and index of power, mathematical symbols lim, lg, const, cos, sin, max, min and others – of  direct lettering.

Set of the formulas in the standard formulas editors MathType or Equation, font style Times New Roman. Only formulas with reference in text must be numbered. Number of the formula must be on the right side in the end of the formula with right page margin alignment. Symbols in the formulas: straight – Russian letters, Greek symbols, acts, numbers; italics – Latin letters.

Tables and drawings must be behind the first link on them in the text after the end of the paragraph. Сharts and statistics must live and saved in a separate folder with marking every drawing, according to the article text. Drawings must be made using software programs and must be provided as separate files: in bit map formats Tiff, JPG, BMP (300 dpi); in vector formats CDR, EPS, wmf; Word drawings – in the format DOC.

Photos resolution must be no less than 600 dpi.

Markings, terms and illustrated material must be in line with in accordance with state standards.

List of references must be in line with must be in conformity with links sequence according to GOST 7.0.5-2008.

All abstracts must be transcribed.

Metatext (name of the article, abstract, index terms, full name of the authors, information about the author) in the English language; list of references – transliteration.

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