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Subject Areas

Subject Areas

The journal “AIC of Russia” highlights the results of scientific research, experimental, theoretical and methodological developments in various fields of agricultural science and practice realized in different natural and economic zones.

The subject areas of the journal:

  • promising technological processes and machinery to harvest grain crops, leguminous plants, grass seeds, post-harvest and store seeds and grains;
  • development of promising circuits and optimal parameters of tillage machinery;
  • theoretical basics for modeling the energy structure of machine and tractor units in crop and plant production;
  • intensification of technological processes in animal husbandry, food and processing industries due to pulse-vibration machinery;
  • reliability improvement of electrical equipment, design and development of technical means to test the reliability of electrical equipment used in agricultural production;
  • energy-efficient electrified technological processes and aggregates for agricultural purposes;
  • techniques and electro-technological tools in agricultural production;
  • non-traditional sources of renewable energy to supply the agriculture;
  • nanotechnologies in agricultural production;
  • the safety of working conditions in agricultural production and its improvement;
  • soil science;
  • development of environmentally balanced technologies of crops cultivation to ensure the efficient of used industrial and agro-climatic resources;
  • energy-efficient technologies of tillage and crop cultivation;
  • socio-economic development of rural areas and local authorities in the regions of the Russian Federation;
  • physiological, biochemical features of farm animals in bio-pathogenic areas;
  • theoretical basics, techniques and ways to intensify the production of milk and meat of farm animals;
  • techniques to diagnose and treat mass diseases of farm animals in different biogeochemical provinces, etc.

The journal aims at a wide range of scientific community (lectures, instructors, post graduate students, students) in Russia and the CIS as well as the specialists of the Agro-Industrial Complex.

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