In accordance with international standards of academic journals volume number of the publication «Agro-Industrial complex of Russia» states the current year since the founding of the journal. The journal was founded in 1993. Therefore, in 2016 the current volume number is – volume 23, volume 24 is expected to be finished by 2017 and so on.

Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia– is an academic journal for professionals of the Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia

The journal highlights the problems of the Agro-Industrial Complex development, agri-food potential of the regions; theory, methodology and practice to develop the basic sectors of the Agro-Industrial Complex, including tractor and agricultural mechanical engineering, veterinary medicine and zootechnics, agriculture, agronomy, food and processing industry, service industries and trade organizations; social and economic development of rural areas local authorities in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Certificate of Mass Media Registration printed matter № 77–65320 from 12 April 2016 (Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, Moscow).

Founded in 1993.

The publications are selectively presented for processing in international abstract database of AGRIS:

Approved by High Attestation Commission

Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia included in the system of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), full-text version is available on the website eLIBRARY.RU and on the website

Subscription index in union catalogue «Russian Press» and Internet-catalogue – 94018

You can order author's copy of the journal by clicking a link or subscribing the catalogue «Russian Press». Subscription index is 94018.

The information provided by the journal functionally corresponds to the Nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers (approved by the by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of 25.02.2009 №59, as in force in Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of 11.08.2009 №294, of 10.01.2012 №5) :
05.00.00 Technical sciences:
05.18.00 – Technology of food products;
05.20.00 – Processes and machines of agroengineering systems;

06.00.00 Agricultural science:
06.01.00 – Agronomy;
06.02.00 – Veterinary medicine and Zootechnics;

08.00.00 Economics:
08.00.05 – Economy and management of the national economy (in industries and areas of activity, including: economics, organization and management of enterprises, branches, complexes; innovation management; regional economics; logistics; labour economics; population economics and demography; environmental economics; business economics; marketing; management; price formation, economic security; standardization and product quality control; land management, recreation and tourism.

The journal “AIC of Russia” highlights the results of scientific research, experimental, theoretical and methodological developments in various fields of agricultural science and practice realized in different natural and economic zones.

Editorial board of the journal "AIC of Russia"

 The editor-in-chief is Doctor of Agricultural Sciences,

the Rector of South Ural State Agrarian University

Litovchenko Viktor Grigoryevich.

The deputy editor-in-chief is Doctor of Biological Sciences

Alevtin Viktorovich Miftakhutdinov

Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia– is a dynamically developing scientific publication for professionals of the Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia, a forward-looking information center of achievements in agricultural science and technologies.

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