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Publishing ethics

Publishing Ethics

The publishing ethic of the journal "AIC of Russia" is based on the principles of good faith and designed to regulate a number of functions and areas of responsibility between authors, editors, reviewers and publishers.

The journal follows the Code of Conduct for Journal Editors (COPE) when defining the principles of editorial ethics. In addition it is guided by the provisions of the White Paper of the Scientific Editors Council on promoting integrity in scientific journal publications (Updated version of 2012 / Editorial Policy Committee (2011-2012), translated from English by V. N. Gureyev under the editorship of  N. A. Mazov. Ekaterinburg: Publishing House of the Ural University, 2016. 132 p.)

 and by the recommendations of Science Editors and Publishers Association (ANRI).


Ethical norms of editorial board of the journal "AIC of Russia"

In accordance with the Science Editors and Publishers Association Declaration, the editorial board of the journal "AIC of Russia" is guided by the following principles:

scientific approach, objectivity, professionalism, impartiality.

Editor Roles and Responsibilities

relations with authors: providing instructions for preparing and submitting manuscripts; interaction on the principles of justice, courtesy, objectivity, honesty and transparency; organizing an effective and rapid review; notification about the terms of publication.

relations with reviewers: sending manuscripts to a review in accordance with the sphere of interests and competence of reviewer; considering the conflict of interests; confidentiality; sending articles to reviewer considering his/her functioning capacity.

relations with publishers: sending incoming manuscripts for reviewing; anti-plagiarism checking; following the principles of financial policy; adhering to the agreed mission, publication practice and plan.


Responsibility of authors

Adhering to authorship ethics: an author is a person who has principally participated in writing a scientific paper, developing its concept, scientific design, material collecting, analysis and interpretation.

Approving the publication by all authors is mandatory. All co-authors should meet these criteria.


Scientific approach, objectivity.

The originality of the materials presented for publication.

Publication priority: Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously.

Authors cannot send material for publication if it has already been submitted for publishing in another journal.

Research involving animals (Veterinary Science and Zootechnics) should be conducted in accordance with approved protocols and accepted research standards for experiments on animals.

The journal "AIC of Russia" uses a double-blind review of all articles.

Responsibilities of reviewers

relations with authors: confidentiality; constructive criticism, scientific character; competence; impartiality and honesty; simplicity, clarity and reasonableness of work content.

relations with editors: timelines and promptness, notification of editor about the impossibility of completing the review at a certain date and the appointment of experts who will be able to review the work; adherence to the instructions on compliance with the objectives, content and quality of peer review accepted by the journal "AIC of Russia"; providing thorough, constructive, objective criticism of the work; reports of ethical concerns.

relations with publishers: adherence to the principles of double-blind reviewing, policy and mission of the journal "AIC of Russia".


 Responsibility of the publisher

The South Ural State Agrarian University, as the publishing organization, adheres to the agreed principles of ethics accepted by the journal "AIC of Russia" to ensure high standards of reliability, accessibility, transparency and credibility of scientific activity; and it is responsible for financial and administrative affairs and business policy.

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